“…most of the best video content on the planet features multiple camera angles.”Mashable

When we started this project we had three goals in mind:


    Cutbox Studio includes everything you need to get started in multiple camera production.

    The complete Cutbox Studio system includes: three Cutbox HD cameras with 10-meter HD-SDI cables, three C-clamp die-cast mounts, the Cutbox Base Station with embedded Cutbox switcher software, a 10.1″ LCD monitor, a microphone, remote control, mouse, and a 32GB SD memory card – everything you need. Just add talent!


    You don’t need a production engineering degree in order to know how to set it up and use it.

    Cutbox Studio is a completely self-contained system. Just plug in the cameras, plug in the mouse, mic up your talent, and you’re ready to go. Livestream straight out of the box through your Mac or PC, or export MP4 files and you’re ready to polish and post.


    The complete system costs thousands less than traditional multi-camera systems.

    The complete system – three Cutbox cameras, three C-clamp mounts, the Cutbox Base Station, the Cutbox Switcher software, the 32GB SD card, the microphone, the remote control, the USB mouse, and three HD-SDI cables – is about the same price as a new iPad or DSLR.. 

Cutbox Base Station

The Cutbox Base Station is the brains of the operation. It features a 10.1″ LCD screen, and no-hassle, plug-and-play set-up and easy-to-use switcher software that manages your recording sessions with nothing more than a mouse or remote control.

Cutbox includes three custom cameras ports, HDMI input for compatible devices, two 3.5mm audio inputs, two USB 2.0 ports, an SD card slot, a VGA monitor port, HDMI output, 3.5mm audio output, an Ethernet network jack, and a volume control knob for on-board monitor speakers.

Prototype shown – final product outer look may vary.

Cutbox 1080 Cameras

Cutbox camera bodies are small (just 2″ in every direction) and easy to deploy in a wide variety of locations and situations. Manual Aperture and Focus settings combined with digital Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and Shutter Speed give you the creative flexibility to create whatever look you’re after. Interchangeable lenses allow for additional flexibility in camera placement as well as enhancing options for creative cinematography. 1080p resolution provides sharp imagery perfect for online video whether streamed live or on demand. SDI cables ensures flawless video transfer with no dropped frames or glitches. Last but not least, built in Tally Lights provide lighted indicators to presenters for the currently Live camera. 

Prototype shown – final product outer look may vary.

Everything Else

The Cutbox Studio system is rounded out with all the accessories needed to jump into multiple camera production. A powered unidirectional microphone with 24′ cable, a 32GB SD card (enough for 2 hours of straight recording), three C-clamp die-cast mounts, the Cutbox remote control, mouse, and three 10-meter HD-SDI camera cables are all included.

Prototypes shown – final product outer look may vary.