Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I edit the video I shoot on the Cutbox?

    Yes! There are several ways to edit the video you shoot on the Cutbox system. The Cutbox system creates five video files every time you click the Record button: Camera 1, Camera 2, Camera 3, HDMI input, and the composite Live video.

    The most efficient way to create a multiple camera edit is to live switch between sources while you are shooting. This is easily done using the mouse or the remote control. With a little preparation the resulting Live video file can often serve as a close to final cut requiring minimal additional editing.

    Alternately, you can import the Live file along with the source Camera 1, Camera 2, Camera 3, and HDMI files into a program such as Final Cut or Premiere and edit them as Multi-Camera footage. Since all of the exported video files are exactly the same length and have the same audio, syncing them up is easy. In the case of both Final Cut and Premiere specifically, both have built in modes for editing multiple camera footage and both make it easy to create a final edit.

  • Can the recording memory be expanded?

    Yes, there are two ways the base station’s memory can be expanded. First, the 32GB SD card that sits in the slot on the front of the device can be upgraded to a larger card. Second, the base station’s memory can be expanded by adding an internal hard drive via a SATA port.

  • How much video will fit on 32GB card?

    Cutbox uses a proprietary format to record video files. Once the SD card is formatted for the Cutbox system, it will hold approximately 2 hours of recording sessions. Each session records all five source videos – Camera 1, Camera 2, Camera 3, HDMI input and the Live mix. Record times will vary depending on the specific content of the video and how efficiently it can be compressed. Very active video with lots of cameras switches and varied action may take up more space than more static video that can be compressed more efficiently. Once the media is full, videos will need to be exported and erased to free up more space. Alternately new media can be used.

  • Why use HD-SDI instead of HDMI or WiFi?

    HD-SDI cables are low-cost, high efficiency cables that ensure high definition data transfers over runs of up to 250 feet with no degradation. HDMI signals begin to degrade after just 25-30 feet making them unsuitable for many applications. Wifi demands for transferring three simultaneous HD video data streams without signal drops requires a heavy duty dedicated network with maximum bandwidth available and expensive equipment to run it. These networks are not readily available in most situations in which Cutbox is intended to be used.

  • Can I Livestream with Cutbox?

    Livestreaming with Cutbox can be achieved in two ways. First, by connecting Cutbox to a local router, the individual camera videostreams become discoverable by a PC connected to the same router. From there, encoding software such as vMix can be used to stream to your target platform. Alternately, the HDMI out signal can be captured with a video capture appliance and then imported into an encoding program like OBS or vMix.

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