Our Story


    Using multiple cameras to simultaneously shoot a scene from more than one angle has been a staple of video production since the Lucy Show pioneered the 3-camera sitcom in the 1950s. Since then, virtually every show we see on TV utilizes more than one camera to record or broadcast.

    This production technique is used by some online video creators and streamers today, but for the most part multiple camera production has not been adopted by the majority of online creators despite a high level of interest.

    Why is this? 

    Well, if other people’s experiences are like mine, the most common reasons are time, know-how, and money: the time to research what equipment is needed, the know-how to understand how to put all the parts together, and the money to afford all the hardware and software once you know what you need and how to put it all together.


    I can say this with great confidence because that’s what happened to me when I first wanted to make a multiple camera video at home.

    A few years ago I was building a bench swing in my backyard and I wanted to make a video to show off my work. The trouble was I was spending more time moving the camera around than I was working on the project. I quickly realized that if I had more than one camera to record what I was doing, the video would be much easier to make – and I would get my project done, too.

    But that’s when I discovered how difficult and expensive setting up a multiple camera rig actually was. No matter where I looked there was no simple to use, affordable system in existence that would do what I wanted to do.

    That experience was frustrating and a little humbling – I’m not one who gives up easily – but it also inspired me to create the product that you see here today.

    -Peter Gould, founder Cutbox Studio